• Standard Plus room dining table at our Waitsfield hotel
  • Standard Plus room queen bedroom at our Waitsfield, Vermont hotel
  • Standard Plus room comfy queen bed  at our hotel in Waitsfield, Vermont
  • Standard Plus room living area  at our hotel in Waitsfield
  • Standard Plus room sectional sofa at our Waitsfield, VT hotel
  • Standard Plus room queen bed at our hotel in Waitsfield
About the Room

Standard Plus Room #7 at our Waitsfield hotel is located on the first floor and has two bedrooms with a queen bed in one bedroom and a full size bed in the second bedroom. The living room features a sectional sofa and dining table. Please note that this room is under the lobby stairs of our Vermont Inn and next to the elevator which is known to be noisy at times.

*The fifth guest is accommodated by utilizing additional bedding on the large sectional sofa.

Room Features
  • 1st Floor
  • Queen Bed
  • Full Bed
  • Sectional Sofa
  • Compact Shower
  • Dining Table
  • ¾ Size Refrigerator
  • No A/C

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